This week was pretty busy and crazy – not so easy but definitely not boring!

Another course on showed me that it’s really not important how long you work as a Graphic Designer – you can always learn something new even when you watch some basic stuff. And for me to improve my skills is super serious, however I hate to be bored and I can’t learn without fun so usually I choose worthwhile courses made by engaging people.

Ina Saltz is a fascinating typography expert who captures my attention. I chose one of her foundation course for beginners – definitely not the last one I’ll take.

In 2011, when I was working for a big agency, all I heard was that “you need to develop your eye and then you’ll be able to use your knowledge effectively”. At that time it was all I heard! Why can’t I be good when I have skills? Why can’t I be better at typography when I use programs and I know different techniques? I couldn’t understand this until I was left alone with one of the projects – it was a short one page ades to inform users about a new app for the supermarket. Simple stuff and I was so confused. I realised that my knowledge about typography in fact didn’t let me do this easily. Legibility is extremely important and.. difficult!

Typography is everywhere and looking into it, for example: magazines, brochures, products packages, banners, websites and so on, let me to understand why some things works well and some don’t. This is important because type can appear to be friendly or aggressive; it can suggest different approaches. It can also look feminine or masculine, calm or chaotic, fun or business so the viewer gets an impression about messages before even beginning to read them. When type is used well – kerning, tracking, leading, scale, combining typefaces, putting type in motion – everything will make more sense and a positive impression is made immediately. Weird? A little bit but yes! Type has a personality and It makes an impression. In fact big companies spend a lot of time and money finding their own corporate identities.

I highly recommend the Ina Saltz course: Graphic Design Foundations: Typography
She helps a lot to see the differences between good and bad typography and how to not forget that good type matters!

This week I was working for the company Just For Sport and they are two guys: Kuba and Bartek. They’ve played basketball for a long time and they love sports so we have much in common. I’ve already designed a few player uniform projects for them and basketball apparel for fans. I’m super happy because they won the contract for making basketball clothes for fans. I’m excited to collaborate on future projects with them and to know that this is not the end of our working story.

SK clothes

I made this a few weeks ago but now, after receiving the great news that collaboration will continue, you will see apparel like this in the future.

I’m so excited waiting for product samples and another chance to design more projects for them.

This week I’ve been working on some designs for Doctorcare:

Sometimes I design patterns for a lady who sells dedicated and unique fabrics:

My work is definitely the most important part of my life because recently I’ve built a house and now I not only have to care about myself, but also about a bunch of things here. It doesn’t mean that I’m focused only on money! I’m satisfied and love my job, I’m a freelancer, and as I always wanted, I live in a suburb in my own place but still not so far from Warsaw and my clients.

What are other parts of my life?
I WORK OUT and I LOVE IT! I truly love it! I have a really strict schedule for this: four times every week I spend an hour and a half at the gym and I do this with my best friend – Marzena and we love the Zdrofit, a chain of fitness clubs and gyms.

A healthy lifestyle is super important to me, but I hope I’ll be able to write more about this in the next posts. For now I would like to focus on the Runmageddon.

Runmageddon is a murderous race over an extreme obstacle course and it tests the body and the mind. A lot of mud, water, fire, swamp, rope obstacles, slopes, vertical walls, barbed wire, trenches and much more. And we conquered this! The first level:

I work out regularly and I can happily say that sports has always been a part of my life. Runmageddon made me realise my physical limitations  and discover new feelings and emotions during this gauntlet. I’m not sure if I’ll attempt the next level because I’m worried about my legs and hands. I’m proud of my achievement and I highly recommend this run to people who would like a bit of adrenaline, test their physical limits, and accomplish a strenuous physical race.

That’s it for today.