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I was born in Warsaw in 1988 but I have lived constantly in the suburbs. I graduated from Jan III Sobieski High School with a musical profile, at the same time I finished the second level from Frederick Chopin Music School with saxophone as my instrument. I studied public administration at Warsaw Higher Managerial School. After that I studied at Warsaw Higher IT technologies School. The time at the music schools mainly taught me perseverance and understood that good results need hard work. It gave me great motivation with making decisions and with working on something which I truly wanted to do for the rest of my life.

I have been working since 2008, my first job was working for finance and insurance companies. For 2 years I was connected with PZU Universal Insurance company, however at this moment I started to search for a new career. In 2010 I started to work as a Graphics Department Assistant in Euroadres, the small Digital Agency. I’m grateful to my former boss for his trust because he gave me a chance to see what should I do to achieve my goals and he provided me conditions to get first skills in my dream profession. In 2011, I joined the greatest team of experts in the biggest Interactive Agency in Poland, K2 Internet, as a Junior Graphic Designer. In 2016, I worked for the Media House Starcom as a Graphic Designer and then in 2017, I worked as a Creative Senior Designer for Warsaw Agency. Since 2018, I’ve been working as a Freelancer at my own company, magdulska.pl.

Some people say that working at home and staying focused on my work is not easy, however in my opinion if you are determined and love what you do, you will be motivated to accomplish your work. I am happy where I am now but of course, I still want to learn and improve my skills as much as I can. I am looking for new jobs and experience with designing multiple social media elements, website projects using UI/UX rules, and full branding design which includes print design. I am open to small or long term projects, however the most important principle for me is to care about details and have a clear and particular plan when we collaborate. When I work with a client, trust and communication are imperative so that the design has our shared vision.


Graphic Designer Freelancer
2018 - currently


Senior Graphic Designer
2017 - 2018

Agencja Warszawa

Graphic Designer

SMG Starcom

Junior Graphic Designer
2011 - 2015

K2 Internet



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YC Cyber 2017 pomysł kupiony przez Klienta – Red Bull
Effie 2017, retail/kanały sprzedaży brąz – Frisco.pl, Nie idź na zakupy kupuj online
Effie 2017, performance marketing/e-commerce srebro – Frisco.pl, Nie idź na zakupy kupuj online
KTR 2017, ilustracja brąz – Frisco.pl, Nie idź na zakupy kupuj online
MIXX AWARDS 2016 shortlist – Frisco.pl, Nie idź na zakupy kupuj online